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Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back.

It’s a much shorter term this half term (6 weeks), as we break up for Christmas on 11th December. The topics covered this half term are below:

Anglo-Saxons - Our main focus this half term is on the Anglo Saxons. We’ll find out where they come from, how they lived, what they believed in, and even where our days of the week come from. Children will be given a knowledge organiser on the subject in order to learn the fundamentals related to this topic.

Maths – the whole class made a fantastic start last term with place value, addition and subtraction. We are now moving on to multiplication and division – including understanding factors, multiples and prime numbers.

Please encourage your child to keep using TT Rockstars – it’s fun and it’s free.

Reading – ‘Once you learn to read, you will always be free’ Frederick Douglas.

I ask that each child read their book 4 times per week as a minimum. The more they read, the better their vocabulary, spoken English, spellings and writing will become – not to mention how reading also fuels the imagination.

Writing – This half term we’re going to focus on writing to persuade. We are still using Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief as our focused in-class book, and we shall be trying to persuade people to visit Hades’ lair – the underworld. Later this term, we will be exploring the oldest known piece of English literature - the Anglo-Saxon tale of Beowulf.

PE - This term, PE will continue on Wednesday's and Thursday as it did at the end of last term. Hot on the back of England's 6 Nations win - We shall be learning how to perform a Dance routine inspired by the New Zealand Haka and we shall also be practicing Tag Rugby.

Science – Our other key focus is ‘Forces’, from gravity to buoyant force, friction to air resistance as well as looking how simple machines make tough tasks simpler.

Lastly, we put a lot of time and discussion into our ‘learning mind-sets’. We have discussed how ‘learning’ is all about ‘practised remembering’. This term we will also be focused on meta-cognition – which is how we are aware of recognise and organise our own thought processes.

As always, if you have any concerns, or questions about this year – please get in touch.

Best Wishes and Stay Safe,

Mr Bown

Year 5 Teacher

December 2020


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