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Spring 1 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Happy New Year! I’m so pleased that we are all physically back in school after the Christmas break – I’m sure you are too.

Topics covered this half term are below:

Anglo Saxons - We have a history focus this half term where we shall be looking at the rise and lives of Anglo Saxons in Britain. We’ll be finding out about how they lived, where they came from, who they worshipped (before their conversion to Christianity), and some of their famous kings.

Maths – We will primarily be focusing on fractions this term – one of my favourite topics. We will be recognising what they are and how to understand them better. Please look at the class page on the school website to find links which will help with learning.

Later we will be looking at area and perimeter – all of which require a good understanding of times tables - please encourage your child to keep using TT Rockstars – it really does help them improve.

Reading – ‘If you don’t like reading you haven’t found the right book.’ JK Rowling.

Reading unlocks doors - in our imaginations, our understanding of the world and to potential future careers. We expect 4 reads per week to develop fluency and support your child’s development.

Writing – Linked to our Anglo Saxon topic we will be reading one of the oldest known stories ever written in the English language – Beowulf: a classic tale of a legendary heroic warrior and his battle to defeat dark forces. We will write a biography about him as well as trying some poetry of our own.

Science – Our other key subject this half term is Space. Being such a vast topic we will be focusing on our understanding of the solar system; how we know that the Sun is at its centre, and how we know that the Earth isn’t flat!

PE – this has changed to Tuesdays – and tag rugby please ensure your child has suitably warm PE clothes (e.g. a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms) as we will be outside.

Art – we are focusing on painting, using the artist Jo Bradney as our inspiration.

Lastly, as we start 2022 I want everyone in class to be more aware of their role in learning – as I often tell the class, I cannot make them learn, only help them in the process. This helps them to better understand their own responsibilities

As always, if you have any concerns, or questions – please get in touch.

Best Wishes and Stay Safe

Carl Bown

Year 5 Teacher

January 2022


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