It is essential that children continue read regularly - at home as well as in school.

Please looks at this website for 7 Top Tips to Support Reading at Home.

Daily Reading Activities - Take 5!

You can download all activities from the Related Downloads section of this page.

The five key areas covered in the Take 5 activities are:

  • Explore it: Reading of text and/or illustrations and questions to develop children's awareness of language and vocabulary, including how this can be used for effect.

> Why did the author use that word? Pick another word with a similar meaning.

  • Illustrate it: Drawing tasks to develop children's visualisation skills - a key aspect of comprehension.

> What would the object / setting look like?

  • Talk about it: Questions or talking points to support children's understanding of key parts of the text, encouraging them to refer back to the text to support their ideas.

> Tell me in 10 words what's just happened. Make a story map of the main events.

> What are you enjoying about the story? Do you think it could be made better?

  • Imagine it: Talking points and questions that encourage deeper responses to texts, thinking beyond the text and linking to real life knowledge and understanding.

> Would the story be different if 'x' happened? How is this story similar to others you know?

  • Create it: A range of different ideas for writing in response to a text, developing children's imagination and creative ideas.

> Rewrite the blurb at the back of the book. Create a new story opener, or a plan for a new chapter / ending. Tell me what you think happened next? Pretend you are the other character - how might they have told this part of the story?

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