In the event of over-subscription, preference will be given to applicants who live closest to the school, as measured in a straight line (i.e. as the crow flies) from a point at the school campus to a point at the pupil’s home, both identified by the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (by a computerised geographical information system).

Where two or more pupils are equal in all respects, and it is therefore not possible to differentiate between them, a method of random allocation by drawing lots will be used to allocate places (supervised by someone independent of the School Admissions Team).

You can find details of how to apply on the council’s primary admissions web page:

Admission Arrangements for Focused Provision for Deaf Children

Admission arrangements are the responsibility of the Local Authority (LA) in consultation with parents/carers and the Head Teacher, subject to the schools ability to meet the needs of the child and the availability of places. All pupils in the Focused Provision have an EHC plan. Pupils are admitted on the basis that their needs can be met and they will benefit from a bilingual approach and have the ability to access a mainstream curriculum in a deaf friendly school.

Admission Arrangements for Nursery

Children’s names can be put on the Nursery waiting list from 18 months old.

Children do not start Nursery until they are 3 years old. Children are allocated a Nursery space when a space becomes available. We offer full and part time Nursery Sessions. These sessions are either 5 mornings a week, 5 Afternoons a week, or a combination thereof. Each child is offered a 3 hour session each day.