School Day

The school day begins at 8.45am and ends at 3.20pm.

Our school day consists of a rich and engaging curriculum, inspiring our pupils to become lifelong learners. Mastery Maths and English (this includes writing, vocabulary, handwriting, spelling, phonics) are both covered daily in our morning sessions, with our knowledge based wider-curriculum taking place in the afternoon. Reading is at the heart of our curriculum; we teach reading comprehension daily and reading for pleasure part of our culture at Firbeck.

For Key stage 1 and 2 the school day is broken into 5 sessions:

  • Reading/Phonics
  • English including vocabulary development
  • Maths including fluency and retrieval practice and 'Digging Deeper' (Mastery Maths)
  • A short but discrete Handwriting and Spelling session
  • Two sessions in the afternoon which includes the foundation subjects e.g. Music and History.

The timings of the sessions are shown below:

8.45 - 8.55 Registration
8.55 - 10.45 Session One
10.45 - 11.00 Morning Break
11.00 - 12.15 Session Two
12.15 - 1.00 Lunch Break
1.00 - 2.00 Session 3
2.00 - 3.20 Session 4

Key Stage 1 pupils have an afternoon break between session three and session four.

Key stage 2 pupils have no break in the afternoon.

This ensures that pupils are meeting their minimum required number of hours at school.

Our celebration assembly is on a Friday from 2.45 until 3.00.



Parents and carers are required to inform the school if their child is absent and to explain the reason for the absence on or before the first day missed. This can be done by phoning the school on

0115 9155739 (where a message can be left at any time), by email to or by leaving a written note at the school office.

If the illness continues then the parent/carer must make contact with the school to confirm continued illness or to advise the school of the expected date that the pupil will return to school.

Pupils who have suffered sickness, diarrhoea or a contagious infection must be free of symptoms for 48 hours before returning to school. A full list of illnesses and what these mean for your child at school can be found here.

Planned Absences

The government strongly urges schools not to approve absence from school. The Headteacher must report both unauthorised and unexplained absences; only exceptional circumstances can be authorised.

You should notify the school of any planned absence, authorised or not, by completing a ‘Leave of Absence Form’. Paper copies of the form can be collected from the School Office.

Medicines in School

It is always better if medicines can be administered at home when that is possible.

School staff will give your child medicine ONLY IF:

  • it is a medicine prescribed by a doctor;
  • it is a medicine bought ‘over the counter’ that is suitable for the child’s age and only if they would have to miss school without it;
  • the medicine is supplied to school in its original container, is in date, labelled with the child’s name and is handed to a member of staff by the child's parent/carer;
  • a parent or carer has properly completed and signed the Medicine Request Form for each day the medicine is needed (available from the school office);

The parent/carer is responsible for the selection of the medicine and they are expected to know that it will not react badly with any other medication the child is taking before asking school staff to give the medicine to their child. School staff are not medically qualified to choose medication for your child. Any remaining medicine must be collected from school by an adult at the end of the day.

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