Welcome to Year 3

Summer Term 1 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter holiday. Please find below an overview of what we will be studying in Year 3 this half-term.


To start the term, the children will be writing Fairy Tales. For inspiration, we will be reading ‘The Glass Cupboard’ by Terry Jones. It is a beautiful short story about the dangers of greed and the limits of the earth to sustain us. The children will produce their own fairy tales adapted from this text, using the story’s wonderful language and expression but making it their own.


This term, we will continue to develop the children’s understanding of fractions. We established some secure foundations in Spring 2 and we will develop this further this term by learning about equivalent fractions and then how to compare, order, add and subtract fractions.


This term, we will be studying plants. We will first learn how to identify and describe the functions of different parts of plants. We will then investigate what plants need to grow well and how water is transported within plants. Finally, we will learn about the life-cycle of flowering plants.


In geography, our topic is India. We will first learn where India is using geographic language. One of our focuses will be on the river Ganges, learning about its importance to the people of India, the dangers of water pollution and efforts to fix this. We will also learn to identify human and physical features of cities in India, focussed on New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata by looking at aerial photographs. Then we will explore India’s culture and its influence on other countries, including the UK. Finally, we will compare India and the UK.


This term, PE will continue to be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, please ensure that the children have their PE kits on these days. We would still really like the children to read every day (either independently or to an adult). We will be monitoring reading diaries and rewarding the children with prizes. We would like reading books and reading diaries to be in school every day so that adults in school can also hear them read.

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to email me. My email is odemalplaquet@firbeck.org.uk. You can also send me a message on Class Dojo.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Malplaquet