Welcome to Year 3

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

It is wonderful to be back at school for our second half-term of the year and Year 3 have had a great first week back. The children have settled back into school really quickly and the progress they have made since the beginning of the year is already visible. I am writing to you to give you an overview of what we will be studying and to inform you of some key events this half-term.


To start the term, we are reading Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. It is a charming book which follows the adventures of a little boy who falls down a hole and wakes up in the Stone Age. This will run in parallel with our history topic focussed on the Stone Age and deepen the children’s understanding of the period. The children will be also be developing their fictional writing skills, they will be writing a character description and setting description, leading up to writing their own story where they find themselves travelling back in time to the Stone Age.


This term, the maths curriculum will cover multiplication and division. We will start by learning the 3, 4- and 8-times tables and then move onto formal multiplication. We are practising these times tables at school and I would encourage the children to practice at home using Times Tables Rock Stars. Times tables are really important in developing the children’s mathematical fluency and there is a national times tables assessment in Year 4.


This term, we will be studying the topic of forces and magnets. The children will learn there are different forces in the world which can affect physical objects. They will investigate the force of friction and magnetism and present their findings in a ‘science fair’ at the end of the unit.


This term, we are learning about the Stone Age. The children are already really excited and engaged with the topic and have thought of some really thought-provoking questions in our first lesson. We will learn about the three eras of the Stone Age, how hunter-gatherers survived, assess how much life changed when humans learned to farm and look at the case-studies of Skara Brae and Stonehenge.


Parents evening will be on the week of the 22nd of November. I have now met most parents in the playground and I am looking forward to sitting down with you all to discuss your child’s progress and achievements. PE will be Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, please ensure that the children have their PE kits on these days. We would still really like the children to read every day (either independently or to an adult). We will be monitoring reading diaries and rewarding the children with prizes. We would like reading books and reading diaries to be in school every day so that adults in school can also hear them read.

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Malplaquet