In this section of the school website I would like to focus on what can be an incredibly traumatic experience for children and parents alike.

As we teach every child at Firbeck Academy - the three words to beat bullying are TELL! TELL! TELL!. Good communication, educating about bullying and shared understanding that bullying is never acceptable is what is needed. With it we can beat bullying.

Therefore, if you are concerned about an aspect of bullying at our school [however big or small], contact either your child's class teacher in the first instance, or talk directly to Mrs Riley or Mrs Thornhill; by calling school on 0115 9155739.

If your child attends Firbeck and you're concerned about issues involving your child and groups outside of school; you can still talk to him, or any member of the teaching team - they'll try to advise you on the next steps.

Take a look at the documents below for further information.

  1. Kidscape Prevent Bullying - a guide for parents
  2. Advice for parents on cyberbullying

​Please also refer to the academy's policy on bullying contained within the behaviour policy found under Statutory Information.

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