School is open today and returns to our normal school buildings on Firbeck Road

School Dinners

School dinners here at the Firbeck Academy are provided by Dolce catering company.

Using Live kitchen, pupils can pre- order their dinner in the morning during registration.

KS1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) have their school dinners paid for due to Universal Free School meals, however KS2 (Year 3, 4, 5 and 6) must pay for their school dinners.

To help make it as easy as possible to pay for dinners, our system allows you to pay by credit/direct debit. You will only ever be charged for the meals your child takes, even if it is only one meal per term. You will need a Live Kitchen account which is quick and easy to set up. To do this you will need to provide the school with an email address, it will only ever be used for the purposes of logging in and as a means of contact from Live Kitchen. See the school office for more details.

You can also pay by cash. For the academic year 2016 - 2017, the cost of a school dinner is £2.10 (£10.50 per week). Please provide the correct cash in an envelope with your child’s name, year and the amount clearly written on it. If paying for more than one child, please write both names, both years and indicate how much you would like to pay towards each child's school dinners.

See the school office for more details.

Breakfast Club

Firbeck Academy is also pleased to provide a Breakfast Club which opens for pupils at 7.45am.

You can bring your child/ren to the dining room external door where our staff will take them from you offering them a healthy diet of cereal, toast and drink.

When children have finished their breakfast they have games and activities to occupy them before school.

Current charges are £3.00 for the first child and £1.50 for each additional sibling - per day.

Younger children are then taken directly to their classrooms when the school day begins, while older children are released to walk up the corridor.

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