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Modern Foreign Languages Celebration at the University of Nottingham

Year 5 were lucky enough to visit the University on the 30th March.

The day was titled ‘Modern Foreign Languages Celebration’.

The children learnt a completely new language (Russian, Mandarin etc.) and had a Spanish tour around the University campus.

​DT - Making and Advertising Chocolate Bars

In DT this term Year 5 have been designing and making their own chocolate bars.

​Below are a few examples of their excellent work and the production progress.

Measuring the weight and mass of objects!

In science this week, Year 5 have been weighing and measuring various objects.

Maths this week

Year 5's have been investigating and constructing 3D shapes with straws and plasticine.

Nottingham University teaching us the similarities and differences of different world religions.

Year 5 have been investigating water resistance. Which boat can travel the fastest?

ART ATTACK! Children creating bunting and collages to be displayed at Wollaton Hall.

Wollaton Art Festival is on the 1st - 16th July! Go and see the children's beautiful work.

October 2017


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