Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

I look forward to getting to know your children and meeting you all. You are the experts on your children so if there is anything you feel I should know about them please do not hesitate to send me a note via the home/school diary or make an appointment with myself.

The School day

Our day begins at 8:50am when the door to our classroom will open. Please ensure your children arrives promptly as lessons begin at 9am. The school day finishes at 3:30pm.


Please ensure your child comes prepared for the day. We have PE every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure that your children come with the appropriate full kit for every session. It can be so disruptive to everyone’s learning when children come without. We assume if your child is well enough to attend school, they are well enough to do PE, unless you tell us otherwise.


Our behaviour system in school, looks at the children's attitude towards learning. For example: Do they bring everything they need for school every day? Are they listening and following instructions> Are they maintaining the school rules? Every day your child will start off on green on a chart, this means they are having a 'perfect day.' It is totally acceptable for a child to stay on green all day,every day. However, there will times when your child will have an 'Amazing Day' or even better. This means your child will move their name up the chart to 'Blue' or 'Purple of even 'Gold.' They will receive different awards accordingly. If your child breaks a school rule or is not doing the right thing then their name will move down the chart accordingly too. This may result in them being sent to another class for 10 minutes, missing a playtime or being sent to the Deputy Headteacher. If they are sent to the Deputy Headteacher you will be notified by a phone call. All children have the ability to rectify behaviour and move back to 'Green' throughout the day.

Please see the homework page to find ways to support your child.

If you have any questions , queries or concerns please come and see me or write a note in the diary.

Thank you for your support,

Karen Yeoman- class teacher

October 2019


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