Curriculum overall

At Firbeck Academy we aim for high standards of achievement in a happy, caring atmosphere. Children are taught according to the National Curriculum. Some of our work is done using a thematic approach, where children study a topic, which involves several subjects. Please see the following document for more detail: Firbeck Academy Curriculum Overview
Teaching time amounts to 24 hours weekly and will include whole class sessions, group work and individual attention. We encourage a co-operative approach to learning where all children are given the opportunity to contribute their ideas and listen to others.

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Mathematics curriculum

Please refer the attached document for information about Mathematics at Firbeck Academy:

  1. Mathematics Curriculum Overview

Mathematics calculation policy

Why do we need a calculation policy?

At Firbeck Academy, we aim for children to have a high standard of both written and mental maths. We have developed a calculation policy that ensures consistency in the methods and layout used across different classes and year groups, ensuring that:

  • Teachers and support staff share a continuity of approach
  • Parents and carers can see methods being used in school and can support children effectively at home
  • Most importantly, children will use the same methods and layout throughout the school

How to use this policy?

The calculation methods have been organised into steps rather than year groups so that children can be taught as appropriate for their ability and understanding. The steps are best seen as ‘building blocks’ that children can learn, practice and apply to solving problems, before progressing onto the next step. Each operation (i.e. addition/ subtraction and multiplication/ division) takes up a page of the policy, although there are two additional pages to allow room for the advanced multiplication and division that will be taught in upper juniors.

Firbeck Academy Teaching Schemes & Support Systems

Firbeck Academy values reading, as it is the key that underpins all areas of the curriculum. Reading is taught for pleasure and for knowledge and therefore one reading scheme alone would not be enough. There is a huge range of reading material available ranging from the PM reading colour books which are linked to the National Curriculum levels for reading, the Oxford Reading Tree books which are especially useful for our Focused Provision children, and the wealth of handpicked ‘real’ books which unlock a magical world of reading pleasure for everyone.

A number of intervention techniques are used in the school and other support systems are place.

See the notes below for more detail of some of the schemes in use:

This year we are excited to be starting the Ruth Miskin, Read, Write, Inc phonics scheme. We are confident this scheme will bring about significant improvement in our children's phonic knowledge.

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