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Reading Books

Pink – Phase 2b

I Miss Mum

The Egg

Bad Luck, Duck

Miss Red

The Mess

Run a Lap

Top Dogs

Big Red Ed

The Red Bag

Bugs in Bed

Hot Dogs


Red - Phase 3a

Gran's Grin

Jam Muffins

Picnic on Windmill Rock

Ants in the Pants

Lots to Spot


Stop, Zebra!

The Best Nest

Jamila's Test

Cob's Web

The Tricks Tent

In the Forest

Red – Phase 3b


Zigzag Zebra

Bug in the Bath

Boatman Ben and the fish

Sasha Snail's Trip


Dress Up!

The Flat

Tanya gets a Gift

Crash, Bang, Boom!

Max in Goal

In the Fish Tank

Yellow – Phase 4

Fun in the Park

Howard and the Dentist

Baxter visits Bow Wow!

The Big Turnip

The Three Goats and the Troll


The Looking Glass

Helen Sharman

All Year Long

Yasha and Baba

Cow on the Roof

The Pot of Oats

Blue - Phase 5

The Hidden Lagoon

Out of the Pond

Shopping Mischief

Town Under Attack

Help Me, Teacher!

Come Visit a Croft

The Imps and the Bootmaker

Goldilocks has Chicken Pox

Painting Fun

The Stone Troll

Aladdin and the Lamp

The Bean

Green – Phase 5b

The Queen's garden Party

The Water Serpent

The Diving Contest

Punk - Zel

I'm Not Scared

World Book Day

In the Desert

Bella and the Beast

Pirate Gold

Football Stickers

Superstar Sleepover

The Nightingale


The Knitting Giant

The Class Show

The Magic Boots

The Space Station

Alien School

My New Glasses

Leo the Lion Keeper

So you want to be a footballer?

The Big Cake Mix Up!


The Adventure Machine

The Celebration Assembly


Back at the Ballet

Snip, snip!

The Baby Alien


The Butterflies

Extra Time

Penguin Trouble

All at Sea

The Poetry Problem

Gnome Mystery

Alien Race

The After School Club

Red Planet



Monster Mountain

The Cousins

A Walk in the Country

A Bump in the Night

Helping Florence

Beaver Bother

The Castle

Read This!

Mission on Mars

Odd One Out

Save the Pony!

Wild Weather


The Hungry Giraffes

The Funfair

The Author Visit

The Snow Day

Space Girls

Dinosaur Danger

Great Gaudi

Snow Monkeys

A Special Feast

Grandma's Story

Stop the Alien!

The School Show

The lazy giant


At the Seaside

The Summer Fete

Help the Vikings

The Laughing Kookaburra

The Sleepover

Asteroid Alarm!


Brilliant Braille

Stop Shouting!

Stranded Panda

A Midsummer Nights Disaster

The Missing Cat

A life in the sky


Be a Landmark Explorer

Animal Engineers

Pirate vs Explorer

Bionic T1D

Four Corners: Tales from the British Isles

The Finney Island Files - Alien Invasion!

Hairies, Fairies And Scaries


Game Changers Hidden Heroes

Animal Heroes

Art On The Street

Game Changers Computer Pioneers

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Big, Bad and Seriously Dangerous

Stinky Street

Rocco And The Big Bear Trick

Plants vs People

Big, Bad And Seriously Dangerous

August 2020


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