Gates are opened at 8.45am. At 8.50am classrooms will be opened and parents/carers will have the opportunity to speak to teaching staff should they wish, while children can come into class. School finishes at 3.30pm and we ask that you collect your children promptly as many of our staff run after school clubs from 3.45–4.45pm.

Nursery Day

  • AM Nursery session: 8.45am-11.45am
  • PM Nursery session: 12.40pm-3.40pm

School Day

  • Morning: 8.55am–12.00pm
  • Afternoon: 1.00pm – 3.30pm

As part of our concern for the safety of children, we do not allow parents to use the school car park when delivering and collecting children. Please park well away from the gates to ensure that children walking into school are not at risk when parking. We have accessible parking for the disabled. Please be aware that there is special transport bringing and collecting our deaf children.

The gate on Wollaton Vale is only open first thing in the morning and at home time. It is kept locked for the rest of the day to deter casual users from crossing the site. It is also important that you remember to shut all gates behind you when entering and leaving the site. At the end of the day parents are welcome to collect Infant and Nursery children from outside their classrooms and Junior children are usually met outside the Junior corridor. Please do not use the front door as this means you have to cross the car park.