At Firbeck Academy, we have developed a knowledge-based curriculum in order to build happy, life-long learners and successful, global citizens. We believe that knowledge is power and education is your passport to anywhere!

Our curriculum provides:

Age-appropriate challenge and progression

Ideas and concepts that are purposeful, carefully sequenced and build on prior learning; not only during the year but across the primary years and across subjects

Interleaved practice so children are able to confidently retrieve and apply the correct strategies

The promotion of metacognition and self-regulation skills - where children monitor and review their own learning thus, reaching their full potential

Cultural capital, vocabulary and language skills through its ambitious and enriched content

Clear cohesive in order to deepen knowledge, skills and understanding




Considerable importance is attached to the children achieving and understanding mathematical processes, concepts and skills. There is a strong emphasis on the development of arithmetic and mathematical reasoning.

Mathematics is taught as a daily one-hour lesson at Firbeck. Class teachers also plan for opportunities to develop and apply key mathematical skills in other subjects throughout the year.


Children receive lessons in English, phonics and guided reading in Key Stage 1 and 2. We focus on grammar, spelling and guided reading each day alongside writing for purpose. We also encourage cross-curricular writing.

Speaking and Listening

Pupils at Firbeck learn how to express themselves and listen to others.


Our curriculum offer is underpinned by our love for books and reading. As a school, we are passionate about offering a wide range of beautiful, language and culturally-rich books. Everyone deserves to get lost in a world of endless adventure and imagination. We want every child to enjoy reading for pleasure and to become life-long readers. Children read every day and are encouraged to become independent readers as they move through school.


Pupils are supported to develop their writing skills to enable them to express their ideas in a variety of formal and informal styles.


Science stimulates and excites children’s curiosity about the world around them, linking practical experience with ideas. Children undertake experiments and investigations to allow them to acquire and develop their own scientific understanding and knowledge. Science is taught separately as well as through cross-curricular links.


At Firbeck, children are taught to use multi-media devices as tools for researching, developing ideas and showing findings creatively. We achieve this via learning about instructions which leads into the world of coding. Pupils are also taught about digital literacy, including keeping safe online.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

This helps to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead to confident, healthy, independent lives and to be informed and responsible citizens. Children learn to articulate their feelings, to identify the causes of their emotions and to develop coping strategies for certain feelings. They learn to set themselves goals and to make good choices about health and well-being.

Religious Education

We provide non-denominational religious education for all children, including learning about the religions observed by their classmates. In assembly, we emphasise how our values relate to our school community and the world around us. Assemblies are non-denominational and we commemorate the major festivals observed by our pupils.

Foundation Subjects

We teach History, Geography, Design and Technology, Music, Art and Drama through a creative and themed approach as well as in distinct units of work. We update parents regularly on the topics covers within each year group.